A Wee Bit About Me

I’m currently studying Interaction Design at Ulster University with a passion for UX and UI design. If I’m not working on a new project, I’ll most likely be listening to music, hanging with friends or cooking some food.

Software Experience

Final Cut Pro X

Experience: 3 Years


Experience: 4 Years


Experience: 2 Years


Experience: 6 Years

In terms of experience, I have worked with different kinds of software over the years and have built up confidence in each one to better further my skills. Photoshop is the tool I’ve had the most time to learn over the years. This was due to requiring it for different projects around GCSEs and A Levels. This made me fascinated with graphic design which led to further develop my skills over the following years.

I delved into Adobe illustrator at the start of University and have been building designs for 2 years currently. Constantly designing with this software and using master apprentice tools has already built my confidence involving UI design.

Solidworks is a tool I’ve been using for my product design class for 4 years. With this time spent shaping and constructing physical products, I have a complete understanding of how products can be produced efficiently.

Final Cut Pro X was the software I used to edit and put together my short films for my Moving Image Arts class. This slow process of cutting and modifying clips to produce a fully-fledged movie has allowed me to use any editing software for different kinds of projects from editing design company short videos for their website to shooting, storyboarding and editing brand videos.




Branding and Research