Visual Sitemap Kit

Role: Illustration and Digital Design
Software Used: Figma, Adobe Illustrator
Time Spent: 17th October - 12th December 2020

Task and Planning

My plan was to design and build visual sitemap kits to use and sell as templates. These templates were for designers so they could save time on their future projects as they would already have a template to visually plan out their project properly and professionally. I first carried this out by conducting market research involving this area by analysing pricing of these types of products and the features that are usually included with them.


During the sketching process, I attempted two different design concepts for the look of the sitemap kit. One was more of a bubbly aesthetic and oddly shaped to create this unorthodox look to the entire sitemap. The other was designed to match the look of blueprints and offered a more strict and formal shape to the kit. From these ideas I ended up choosing the blueprint aesthetic as it offered designers a clearer looking sitemap.

Original Colour Scheme


I created the sitemaps to have a light and dark colour choice for the user. This was so the sitemaps can still work for the designer’s brand or colour scheme regardless of what it was. This was all done using Figma.

Problems Faced

A problem I faced early on was not having the colour scheme I wanted as the original colours I was offering were a bit blander than the 4 refined options presented for the user. At the time I was only offering one distinct colour choice to the buyer which I noticed was not the best choice as it makes the template much blander and not as diverse. Another problem was the naming of the brand that would act as a platform to sell this product. The name I chose was Doghouse which although I liked, didn’t fit or represent the product I was selling.


I refined the colour scheme to work with 4 or more colour choices for the buyer while also allowing light and dark colour modes as well. This gave the product more variety to the colour scheme and for the templates to have more depth to it. I also refined the name of the brand from Doghouse to DesignHutt which fits more with what I’m trying to sell.

What I Learned

What I learned from this process was that there is a lot of planning and research you have to accomplish to receive sales in today’s market. When planning for a potential product to sell, always conduct multiple research methods to gain an understanding of the target market and the user that will be using your product. Doing this will lead to better opportunities thus making your product more successful.

Final Version