Immersive Prototype

Role: Prototyping and Digital Design
Software Used: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator
Time Spent: 28th January - 22nd February 2021

Task and Planning

My plan for this interactive prototype was to focus on producing an immersive experience through visual design and illustrative work involving Sherlock Holmes. We were tasked to shape already used content for the heroes and villains project and design an immersive prototype around the content. From the start I had the idea of using a lot of illustrative work over the content to enhance the overall style of the prototype. I was getting out of my comfort zone with this prototype as I never really done a lot of illustrative work with an entire project, but I wanted to challenge myself regardless.


The sketching process started with drawing simple wireframes for each page of the prototype to get a good clear concept of what each page will end up looking like so it can be digitally designed. I started drawing up different looks I wanted for the buildings, objects and characters for my project. I went onto favouring a more traditional Victorian aesthetic look with regards to typography and style of Sherlock Holmes era.


I used Adobe XD to design and build the Heroes and Villains immersive prototype. This involved gathering the chosen typography for the body and heading text on each page. I began to implement the designs I created on Adobe Illustrator and transferred them over to XD to fit into the prototype. Each page has a different environment involving the Sherlock Holmes aesthetic. I wanted the idea of having the heroes and villains pages interconnected to enhance the immersive experience.

Problems Faced

Some problems originally faced was the body text I implemented in the beginning which had all caps required to view the style. This became a problem once the first version was put together. Reading through the prototype quickly became an eye sore with the text being hard to read at times due to being in all caps.


I soon refined the body copy of the prototype to a much stronger and suitable font that represented the aesthetic of Sherlock Holmes more than the first version. It makes the immersive prototype easier read thus leading to a much better experience.

What I Learned

What I learned from this project was to challenge yourself and try step out of your comfort zone because it can lead to much better results than you originally intend.