Daft Punk Wallpaper

Role: Illustration and Digital Design
Software Used: Adobe Illustrator
Time Spent: 28th September - 5th December 2019

Task and Planning

This project was focused on designing a desktop wallpaper using only lines. I started planning this project by doing a mind map of things I enjoyed. I set my mind on designing an artist or a band with this style and ended up choosing Thomas Bangalter, one of the members from Daft Punk.


In the sketching process, I had trouble at first due to not knowing if I wanted a full profile or just Thomas’ iconic helmet. I ended up going with the helmet as it would make for a much more meticulous design.


Once I got a sketch design that I was fully satisfied with, I hopped on over to Illustrator to start producing my design digitally. I went for a black background with white lines to make the work pop out more.

Problems Faced

Adding each new line around the helmet had to be very precise or else the whole look of the helmet would feel off. Making this design was very time consuming and I started to have trouble with smaller areas of the helmet. A lot of time started to go into changing very minute details that weren’t that important.


Even though it started to get a bit frustrating, I continued on and ended up finalising a design that I was very happy with.

What I Learned

What I learned from this was to keep pushing through even if you hit any brick walls during your process. Completing a project that may be just ok is far better than not having completed it at all.

Final Version