Role: Illustration, Digital Design and Brand Research
Software Used: Adobe Illustrator
Time Spent: 28th September - 5th December 2019

Task and Planning

My plan was to create myself a full brand image with a logo, a wordmark, a visual marque and a set of brand guidelines. I started planning this by researching different types of monograms to see what was done before and what could inspire me for a professional look. I also had to do some research into popular examples of brand guidelines to see how one was structured properly.

I checked out the Spotify, Mailchimp and Twitter brand guidelines and found that they all had a similar layout and structure. This meant I had a good sense of how my brand guidelines was already going to look like. For my vm, I wanted it to revolve around one of my hobbies or pastimes. I ended up planning for the vm to be related to music in some shape or form.


I began sketching a lot of different ideas for logos and had to refine it all the way down to only three ideas. Sketching these logos was actually the longest process if the entire project due to constantly refining your work more and more until you can’t do anything more to enhance it. One of the ideas easily outshined the other two in my opinion so I had a logo designed and ready to move on. I kept on sketching different designs for my vm but had some trouble landing on a good concept. I then realised I could link my visual mark with my logo with having a similar aesthetic and bring the brand even closer together as a whole piece. With this concept, I started working on a circular vm and ended up going with a vinyl record.


At this point I started working on my wordmark because I had to wait until I had a finished sketch of both the vm and the logo first. The typeface I thought worked well the best with the two designs was Futura and gave the brand a more professional look.

Problems Faced

I moved onto creating a colour scheme for the entire brand which gave me a few problems at first due to not really finding a scheme that particularly suited the designs. I decided for a mix of red and blue for both the vm and logo. The more I looked at my work the more I was annoyed at the choice of red and blue for my brand colours. I had to go back and redo the colours to give the brand a more vibrant but professional aesthetic.


What I ended up doing was making more refinements and finalised a blend of black and pink which gave the brand a modern look. I used this colour scheme for my entire brand and have incorporated it into my portfolio.

What I Learned

What I learned from designing my brand image was always taking time to keep refining your image down and remember to criticise yourself even if you think the work has been finalised.

Final Version